adams construction group
About Us:

In 2001, the North County area of St. Louis, MO had the, at the time, 2nd largest hail storm in US history.  Approximately 330,000 homes and businesses
were damaged.  At that time, there were only a few large companies that specialized in what is now called insurance restoration.  The training that took
place during that storm and a few others over the next couple years launched literally thousands of similar style construction companies.  Today, the
number of companies in the industry is vast and varied as to the size and quality of insurance restoration contractors.  The nature of the business
requires most to travel to different cities and states in order to continue to grow their businesses after the storm has been “built out.”  It is the mobile
nature of many companies that generate the greatest praise and complaints from the general public.  As in any industry, most companies are honest,
hardworking and responsible to their customers and the companies that support them with labor and materials.  Unfortunately, some are not.  

Like many entrepreneurs, the owner of Adams Construction Group, believed he could emulate all the good things learned during that storm and could set
himself apart from some of the issues that a large company couldn’t offer to the customer.  The business model of the insurance restoration company
lends itself to fast growth, but attention to detail can become a sore spot due to overtaxed crews, suppliers, support staff and the customer can get lost in
the shuffle. Adams Construction Group has always tried to find that balance of growth and customer service, without sacrificing either.  So, in 2002, the
decision was made to launch a new insurance restoration company.  Having been in a non-compete situation, the owner was forced to open his first office
location in another area and fortunately, Tennessee offered an opportunity to serve in that capacity.  Later, in 2002 the owner of Adams Construction
Group was able to move his new company back to the St. Louis region in High Ridge, MO, where the company worked and grew to several locations over
the next many years, mostly in St. Louis region of Missouri, but included Minnesota, Tennessee and Illinois.  Being located in the St. Louis region all these
years made for a centralized home base for all operations and the love for all things St. Louis makes it his hometown by choice!

Business Model:

Insurance restoration is a business with a unique business model that is different than the traditional roofing or siding or remodeling company.  In the
roofing business, if you were to call 10 roofing contractors in the Yellow Pages/Book, you would find many/most of them are out of business.  Is it because
they were bad roofers?  Not likely, but perhaps some.  Most got into business for themselves believing, like most entrepreneurs, they could do better than
the company they worked for, so they start their own roofing business.  After roofing all their friends and family roofs, they had to go out into the retail
world and sell their business to strangers.  Competition claimed most of these companies, since they lacked the business acumen to stay in business and
eventually, they ran out of customers or money or both.  The retail roofing and siding and remodeling business is a tough business to keep running for
years at a time.  After a large storm and all the roofs have been “built out”, the competition for the remaining roofs is intense and even many of the
veteran retail roofing companies do not survive.

The insurance restoration business model is best described as flexible, mobile and agile in its simplicity.  Our original model was a company based in the
Southeastern United States that developed a fire, water and wind/hail restoration business and had over 200 locations.  We very quickly discovered fire
and water restoration was not to be in our business future; tornado and hurricane damage presented different complications in both access to materials
and labor and also not in our future  and so we revised our concept to handling wind and hail only.  We decided to concentrate on the areas where we
excelled and have kept that as our core business.  

Our model is one of a general contractor utilizing the best quality subcontractor crews for a complete restoration of high quality, precision and efficiency.  
Our roofers ONLY do roofing, our siders ONLY do siding and the two should NEVER mix.  After your foundation, the roof is the 2nd most important area
protecting the MOST important and expensive asset most people ever have – their home!  Why would anyone use a company who doesn’t use specialists
to perform the most important work on their biggest asset?  One can only wonder.  Using subcontractors we have used for hundreds of projects allows us
to not only use the finest quality trained people, but we can bring in the support we need when the need arises.  We can add or subtract crews based on
the needs at the time, such as doing  a large apartment complex, we can add crews to handle the size or volume.  We DON’T have to have on the job
training or hire whatever is available to put your roof on!  The same concept works on the siding, gutters, painting, windows and doors.  Having the right
size crew also demonstrates the ability to complete the project in a timely manner and we NEVER have to split up work trying to do too many jobs with too
few people.  Our crews work on your project and your project ONLY until completed, you won’t be sharing with your neighbor and your project won’t be
sitting half-finished for days or weeks at a time.


Our field supervisors are licensed adjusters or are currently in training to become licensed adjusters.  Why is that important?  We speak the insurance
language and can assess, evaluate and explain the insurance process to you and to the insurance adjuster who comes to your home.  We NEVER tell
them what to do or how to do their job, but we are there to keep them from missing damage or if they don’t see what we  believe to be covered by your
insurance, can work with a 2nd adjuster to focus on those areas and get them added to the claim. As professionals, we never argue with the field adjuster
or become confrontational; we simply ask them to note our concerns and then address those concerns at a later time.  They have a job to do and we let
them do it.  We just want it done right!

We use the current insurance estimating software and, unlike most companies, we provide FREE ESTIMATES for every homeowner.  We DON”T require
signatures in advance of assessing the damages to the home.  The estimate we give you is exactly what you should see from the insurance company, but
the insurance companies can and do change pricing, so often our estimates are higher, but not by much.  Our PROMISE to you is, after all is done, we will
complete your project for the prices set by the insurance company, with, in most cases, the only out of pocket expense is your deductible (excluding
upgrades or hidden damage).  We wait until you have a check in hand and the estimate from the insurance company BEFORE we put a price on our
contract.  Again, this is so you can be confident in the cost of the repairs with NO SURPRISES!

In order for us to talk to your insurance company, a signature authorizing us to do so is required and to authorize the work to be done on your project.  
The privacy laws (HIPA, for example) keep unwanted people from accessing your private information and your insurance claim is one area that should be
kept private.